stacey’s space


Over the years,  I’ve had so many different platforms for archiving my {poor-neglected} children’s lives, managing my social graph and maintaining professional relationships that today I decided to pull them all together into one place. 

So, i dusted off the old and I’m working on getting everything in one place.  stacey’s space. 

My life is so crazy-wonderful and I rarely get to enjoy a moment that is all mine.  so, this is it.  my site. my pictures.  my details.   my brand. 

And, like any good brand I welcome your feedback, thoughts, input and goodwill.


ps.  Apologies to my kids and husband who bear the deepest burden of a snap-happy den-mother.


Snippets of My Life

This is my latest scrapbook...where I will try to organize all my digital stuff. ha.